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Planting A Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures on Earth. A butterfly garden is an easy way to see more butterflies and to help them, since many natural butterfly habitats have been lost to human activities like building homes, roads and farms. It is easy to increase the number and variety of butterflies in your yard. Simply grow the plants the caterpillars like to eat, and plants that adult butterflies feed on!

Japanese Garden Essentials

There are a few elements essential to a Japanese garden. They are: Rocks - both large and small like pebbles, or flat black river rocks. Water - flowing and tranquil. Plants - The use of evergreen plants are used in conjunction with rock to allow for beauty in the garden all year round. The more nonessential but desirable elements would be things like paths, steps, bridges, fences, walls, gates, ornaments and structures such as a trellis, pergola, a viewing platform or teahouse.