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British Gardening Blog

Dream Gardens: Laurel for hardy planting

THE unwelcome arrival of Britain's traditional wet weather patterns is putting a big dampener on tubs and hanging baskets.

Dream Gardens: Give tree new lease of life

AFTER Christmas comes the big clear-up.

Dream Gardens: Counting festive blessings

IT'S a new-found tradition with some gardening families to go out into the garden over the festive break and count the number of plants in flower.

Dream Gardens: Yule log adds glow-ho-ho

WAY back in ancient history, tradition ruled that greenery was not brought indoors for decorating the house until Christmas Eve and was not removed until Twelfth Night. To do any different would invite bad luck.

Dream Gardens: Dogwood's bark has spark

WHY be left looking at a bare, boring garden till spring? All you need is a display of eye-catching trunks, twigs and shoots for a great winter show.

Dream Gardens: Dig your own festive meal

THE Christmas dinner is always special but it's even more of a treat when you've grown some of it yourself.

Turn your lawn into lunch says Alan Titchmarsh

NOT since the last world war has there been so much interest in digging up the lawn. People may not be Digging for Victory but they are digging for dinner, lunch, supper and afternoon tea.

Dream Gardens: Doorsteps with star qualities

SPARE a thought for your doorstep this Christmas. It might seem like a small detail but the entrance to your home is the first taste visitors will have of the welcome they'll find inside, so you want to make a good impression.

Dream Gardens: Home in bloom for winter

WHEN Mother Nature forces you to spend more time indoors it's good to bring the garden in with you - and no, I don't mean on your feet.

Dream Gardens: Tools care that cuts costs

GARDENING may well be a triumph of nurture over nature but there is only so much you can do with your bare hands. Taming nature demands the right tools of the trade and they need an occasional spot of nurturing themselves.