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British Gardening Blog

Dream gardens: Spice up your lovage life

EATING in is the new eating out, if we're to believe what we see on TV. However, instead of reaching for a stock cube or a pot of condiments when you're cooking at home, turn to the garden. For real man appeal, you can't beat home-grown herbs.

Giant hogweed deserves 'NASTY' reputation ? Children ATTRACTED to plant that causes BURNS

GIANT Hogweed is an enormously dangerous plant but is even more insidious for the horrific injuries it inflicts on children, who are attracted to the plants as they are natural play areas.

Spring WARNING: Garden centres KNOWINGLY sell highly TOXIC plants ? NOT on label

GARDEN Centres won?t hesitate to sell you a highly poisonous plant without labelling it as such, according to an expert gardener.

Dream Gardens: Raising the bog standard

AFTER a series of scorching summers sent gardeners heading for Mediterranean plants, a return to traditional, wet British summers and worse winters is bringing bog plants back to the gardening front line.

Photograph a wild bird and win a 100 wilko voucher! Here's how to attract them

All you need is a camera, an eye for detail... and a flying visit from your favourite wild birds

Spring WARNING: Common British berry will KILL children in FOUR bites ? 'need educating'

AS SPRING begins, an expert has warned that an alluring hidden killer growing across the UK is deadly to children if they take just four bites.

Giant Hogweed DANGER: Terrifying THIRD-DEGREE burns that last seven years

ONE UK plant is so dangerous that it can cause third-degree burns that last for seven years if you so much as touch it.

Dream Gardens: Enjoy a patch of the day

EACH spring we get fired up about growing vegetables and swear that this will be the year that our veg patch or allotment yields the best crops ever and we'll be self-sufficient.

Dream Gardens: Blooms hit greater heights

A GRUMPY gardener? What, me? Well, yes; when it comes to bedding plants. The thing is for years the only sort we've all been able to buy at most nurseries and garden centres are dwarf ones, as tall varieties have largely disappeared.

Dream Gardens: Tackle the greenfly menace

THE TROUBLE with greenfly is, well, where do you start? They spoil edible crops, distort new growth and leave sticky residue all over pot plants, which makes a mess on your furniture.