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British Gardening Blog

Cheap summer gardening tips: Layer plants instead of using cuttings, says ALAN TITCHMARSH

THRIFTY gardeners are rediscovering the joys of propagating their own plants. When it comes to shrubs most people automatically think of taking cuttings.

UK SNOW: Alan Titchmarsh reveals what to do in your garden during winter weather

ALAN Titchmarsh has urged gardeners not to worry about their outdoor spaces during the extreme weather.

Manure under a code frame is a great source of energy, says ALAN TITCHMARSH

ALTERNATIVE technology is all the rage when it comes to generating energy. Wind power, tidal barrages and solar panels all help reduce our future reliance on fossil fuels. But for gardeners there's another source of "green" energy - manure.

Growing curiosities from seed is perfect to brighten up your garden, says ALAN TITCHMARSH

GROWING curiosities from seed is a great way to cheer up dull, wintry days while the garden is out of action.

How women are reaping the benefits of cutting their lawn with scythes

GARDENING guru Monty Don has inspired a new craze for scything ? among women.

British gardens UNDER THREAT from 'game changing' plant disease

GARDENS could be hit by a ?game-changing? disease from abroad which kills swathes of plants and shrubs, experts have warned.

Orchids are insiders? tip, says ALAN TITCHMARSH

MY mother thought they were part of the furniture and granny treated them as slightly backward members of the family ? but the last thing today?s house-proud, interior decorator-savvy homeowners want are loads of messy old houseplants to clean up after.

Bright Christmas: Don?t festoon your foliage with fancy fairy lights, says ALAN TITCHMARSH

Don?t festoon your foliage with fancy fairy lights, says Alan, just keep it natural

Mistletoe's white berries fill the room with the magic of Christmas

CHRISTMAS wouldn?t be Christmas without mistletoe.

Just in time for Christmas! Scottish garden centre grows 50,000 poinsettias

THESE colourful scenes show thousands of beautiful poinsettias in full bloom ready to become Christmas decorations in homes across the country.